Winter Washing Woes

Wet days, cold nights! Winter is here for us in Australia. Does this mean that you have washing draped all over the house? Does it mean that your expensive and not very environmentally friendly dryer is running all the time? With a little organisation and forward thinking you can turn your winter washing woes into winter washing wonders!

Picture of IKEA Mulig drying rack which is a fold out rack you can dry clothes on

IKEA Mulig drying rack

Wash more often using smaller loads so you can dry your clothes overnight using a clothes horse over a heating duct or near a heater. Always take care things are not too close to open fires.

Leave space between hanging items so that they get good air circulation and don’t end up with that horrible damp, musky smell that results from items remaining damp too long.

Move and turn items around to ensure  garments dry as quickly as possible.

Where possible, hang items on hangers and place them onto over-the-door hangers. BONUS TIP: If you are really organised you can use one over the door hanger per person and place it in their room to dry.
Picture of an Over the door clothes airer called antonius from IKEA

Hang this rack over a door and add hangers if you like

Picture of Pressa drying unit from IKEA. It has prongs which fold out and has pegs attached to hang socks, underwear and other small items.

Pressa from IKEA lets you hang lots of items using minimum space

Use hanging dryers like the IKEA Pressa for small items like underwear and socks and hang it on an over-the-door hanger or hang it from your shower rose

Photo of washing hanging on a clothes line

Fresh air is best, even when under cover


  • Avoid hanging items from door handles and the weight weakens the door handle and can cause problems down the track.
  • Avoid draping items on timber items as the dampness of the item can damage the timber finish and ruin the surface
  • Move items around to improve circulation
  • Wherever possible dry outdoors to get the benefit of the wind and the sunshine.

So don’t get overwhelmed by winter washing, plan it, hang it, dry it, iron it, fold it and get ready for the next load!