What do having a facial and being organised have in common?

More than you think!

Today I had a facial, my reward for the two kilograms I lost in my first month with  Hungry for Healthy facebook group (you can also join for free). Anyway, every four weeks, if I reach my goal of losing 500g per week, I give myself a pampering treat! This month’s was a facial at a Missie Coco as recommended by my good friend Shaynna Blaze.

So what does that have to do with organising?

THREE THINGS immediately come to mind:

  1. You feel totally pampered and fantastic after a facial AND you feel EXACTLY the same way when you are decluttered and organised.
  2. Rewards can be a powerful incentive to achieving goals and tying decluttering and organising tasks to rewards may just be the incentive you need!
  3. I also had to organise the appointment and schedule the time to take time out for me (something that happens more often if you are organised.)

But a fourth thing that I discovered is that if you are going to follow a new beauty regime morning and night you need to be organised

SO this is what I did to my new Ultraceuticles beauty products……….

morning regime

My 4 AM products are numbered 1-4

Photo of beauty products labeled by number in order of use

My 3 PM products are numbered 1-3

In order to get my product order correct, I decided to ORGANISE them with labels. My morning items were given the code AM and my evening items were obviously given the PM code and then I just numbered then in order of application. So in the morning I use 4 products and in the evening I use 3. So my facial today has been totally organised for me in order to continue my beauty regime with total ease and clarity.

So take a leaf from my book and start giving yourself pampering rewards for getting more organised and schedule time into your diary! You will feel fantastic TWICE once from the initial achievement and again when you collect your reward. OH what a feeling! Enjoy…………….