Turn your books into a gift

Turn your books into a gift to be enjoyed by others

Turn your books into a gift to be enjoyed by others

You have a house full of books that you know you no longer need or will read! What to do with them can be a bit of a dilemma! Why not gift them to your family and friends.

  1. Simply bundle up a selection of books you think someone will like and tie them up with some nice ribbon.
  2. Attach a gift tag explaining that the books are pre-read (you can use my little poem if you like:
    “Although these books are not new, they are new to you
    and I thought you’d enjoy a good read
    When you’re through with them, you’ll know what to do
    Gift them to others to return the good deed ” by MaryAnne Bennie
  3. Include in your note what you enjoyed about the book selection and perhaps the reason why you thought they would enjoy them.
  4. Encourage them to forward the books onto others when they have finished reading them.

What a great way to farewell your books. Remember you can always box your books up and send them to your local charity store where they will recycled and enjoyed by others.

MaryAnne Bennie is Australia’s organising guru, creator of the Paper Flow® and in8®steps systems, author of Paper Flow (with Brigitte Hinneberg) and From Stuffed to Sorted, professional organiser trainer and engaging speaker.

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