Top Up Tuesday

Are you sick of running out of detergent in the middle of dishwashing, oil when about to cook, or toilet paper at the most inconvenient time? If so, why not designate Tuesday as TOP UP TUESDAY where you top up and check in on your consumable supplies.

Top up your detergent dispenser:

Detergent Dispenser






Top up your liquid soap dispenser:

Soap Dispenser






Top up your oil container:






Top up your dishwasher rinse aid:






Top up your toilet paper:








What else can you top up on Top Up Tuesday? By having a set day of the week to do all your regular top-ups, you never run out and you can rest assured that the job has been done! Remember to top up your shopping list with any staples in short supply. You will have more time and less thinking about the little things….. Have fun on Top Up Tuesday!

MaryAnne Bennie is Australia’s organising guru, creator of the Paper Flow® and in8®steps systems, author of Paper Flow (with Brigitte Hinneberg) and From Stuffed to Sorted, professional organiser trainer and engaging speaker.
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