The 4 questions you must ask to control your clutter

Clutter holds you back

Clutter holds you back

Clutter lacks logic, it just exists. It hangs around, gets moved from place to place and eventually becomes a permanent part of your life. And when that moment hits, that moment when you say: “I’ve had enough, I’m over it” you think it’ll be easy to release the stuff you’ve formed a friendship with for all those years.

Well it’s not easy but it can be simple. While clutter lacks logic, you don’t lack it at all. And armed with the right questions you can begin to question clutter’s right to exist in your life. Ask these 4 simple questions of your stuff and you will soon become an expert at eliminating clutter and excess from your life.


          1. Do I use you? If so, when was the last time? When is the next time?
          2. Do I need you? Could I use something else as a substitute or could I borrow you if I really needed to?
          3. Do I really want you? Do I really just want the memory of you and where you came from? Perhaps a photo would do!
          4. Do I love you? Are you of sufficient sentimental value for me to keep?

Releasing clutter gives you a new lease of life, it makes you feel lighter and brighter and gives you a spring in your step. Best of all you’ll have more time and less home maintenance when you have less stuff to clean, sort and deal with on a daily basis. Are you ready to release the clutter that’s holding you back?

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