Ditch your duplicate files and photos

I searched on google and found software called Duplicate File Finder by Ashisoft. Now I am not in the habit of recommending free software or any software for that matter but I downloaded and used it and it’s terrific, in fact so terrific, I’m buying the upgraded version which lets me perform a few extra […] Read more »

Keep Calm I’ve Kept the Receipt

Gift giving is fraught with problems. Is it the right size? Will they like it? What if it’s faulty? Can they exchange it or claim on the warranty if necessary? Follow these simple 8 steps to get organised for gift giving starting right now! Step one: Purchase the gift – the fun part! Step two: […] Read more »

Are you sick of people not returning borrowed items?

Have you ever gone to the cupboard to get something, only to find it missing? After a few hours of searching, you remember that you lent it to a friend who hasn’t returned it yet! If you lend your items or if you borrow items, why not note it down so you remember to collect […] Read more »

Date Stamp – Shiny Mini Dater S 300 Product Road Test

The Shiny Mini dater S-300 is the date stamp I have been using since I started my organising career in 2002. Compact, easy to use and with replaceable pads this stamp will last you 12 years – and then the dates run out! At around $13-15 they are a must for every office. Highly recommend. […] Read more »

From Stuffed to Sorted Room a Week Challenge

Join the many people throughout the world organising each room in their home in one week or LESS. Learn to turn your house into your home with the support of our Facebook Page and Group. Your personal challenge starts the minute you begin and every Monday you start on a new room until you complete every area of […] Read more »