Paper Flow your ultimate guide to making paperwork easy

Paper Flow your ultimate guide to making paperwork easy

This best selling book is all you need to organise your paperwork once and for all. Supported by the Paper Flow 28 Day Challenge on


Paper Flow your ultimate guide to making paperwork easy is a winner in the 2012 Small Business Book Awards

Paper Flow will enable you to:

  • deal with any piece of paper within seconds
  • get rid of those stagnant paper files forever
  • conquer routine tasks like paying bills, handling correspondence and filing in less than eight minutes per task per week
  • manage all your electronic files and email so you have one system for all workflow, be it paper or electronic
  • better manage any project in your life, be it a renovation, a tax return, a holiday or a work project
  • find your concert tickets, prescriptions, vouchers, invitations and unclaimed medical receipts the second you need them
  • handle all those annoying small receipts
MaryAnne Bennie and Brigitte Hinneberg
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