Organising by the Stars – Cancer

picture of drawing of symbol for cancer star sign

Cancer 21 June – 23 July

What’s your organising style according to the stars?

Astrologer Julie Ann McBeth came up with this guide to your astrological organising style exclusively for in8.

Cancer 21 June – 23 July

Your home is your castle. You want your home to be nice and clean but your biggest problem may be hoarding. You are too sentimental and probably still have the first card or letter from your husband or current boyfriend. You collect all kinds of things over the years and they take up more and more space.

Don’t be too emotionally attached to things. Try to separate your things and your memories. Keep one thing that is of sentimental value and make it a special feature of your home – like a photograph and have it framed.

Get Sorted: Ditch the emotional connection to your stuff. Get your family to help you and you can discuss your memories as you put things in the charity box.

Best day to get sorted: Monday