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Organiser Training

Learn from the systems expert! MaryAnne Bennie and Sue Glasser are now training organisers in both the in8steps and Paper Flow Systems. If you would like to have the power of TWO tried and tested systems in your business you should consider becoming a Certified Paper Flow and/or in8steps System Consultant. Many organisers choose to specialise in either home or office organising. in8’s training recognises this and offers training in both areas.

The benefits of working with proven systems are:

  1. Consistency and continuity of service for the client – regardless of which consultant was used.
  2. Ability to work with other consultants trained in the same systems allowing you to take on larger jobs and bigger clients.
  3. Back up of systems that works over and over again in all circumstances.
  4. Having a Procedures Manual so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Once you are trained, you are up and running.
  5. Unlimited variation in the application of the systems underpinned by a common language and systems’ components.
  6. Continuous improvement and professional development.
  7. Support from in8 and other consultants means you are not alone in the industry, instead you are part of a team of independent consultants sharing the same systems.
  8. You will have your business featured on the in8 websites and facebook pages meaning more exposure and profit!

So what are you waiting for? Check the details of each of the programs here:

  1. Business Building Training
  2. Paper Flow Consultant Training
  3. in8steps Consultant Training