Organise your jewellery

Jewellery organising can be problematic, with lots of different shapes, sizes and weights to consider, to say nothing about organising costume jewellery as opposed to precious jewellery.

So here are a few ideas to get you creative juices flowing:

Jewellery Art

Jewellery Art

  • You may want to purchase a ready made jewellery solution and I found this one at Target and I think it is particularly attractive, do you? I call it my little black dress jewellery organiser:
Little Black Dress Organiser

Little Black Dress Organiser

  • You may prefer drawers and I love the storage in this photo:

Source: via MaryAnne on Pinterest

  • In this picture, jewellery is simply pinned to a cork board using drawing pins. So simple, so easy. If you were even more creative you could cover the cork with fabric or spray paint the whole board in your favourite colour.

Two simple cork boards create jewellery heaven

  • Precious jewellery can be placed in trays and stored in a safe or in a safe place.
  • Take an afternoon out and give your jewellery storage a makeover using these and other ideas.

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