Paper Flow

Organise my office

in8 invites you to organise your office in one of three ways:

  1. Do it yourself using the Paper Flow book and the Facebook Paper Flow Page and the Facebook Paper Flow 28 day Challenge Group .
  2. We do it with or for you! A certified Paper Flow system consultant will help you transform your office and your paperwork.
  3. Have a bit of both, do most of it yourself with some individual coaching by phone or skype with a Paper Flow system consultant.

Getting organised has never been so easy. Paper Flow is a tried and tested system that works for everybody who is prepared to make the necessary changes. You can change, you do not have to accept the way things currently are. We will assist you in your journey and show you the way forward.

Want to organise offices for a living? Check out our organiser training and join us 28 May until 1 June 2012 for our next 5 day organiser  training  program.