Motivation isn’t for the feint hearted!

Motivation is that wonderful drive that takes you from thinking about it to completing it! It is an invisible, internal driving force which when really activated can make people move mountains and sometimes get totally obsessed by the action they undertake.

I see it in my line of work every day. People motivated to declutter and take control of their lives. Some are motivated by the idea of being organised more than the doing of it. If it doesn’t translate into action, it’s not really motivation its just wishful thinking.

“Motivation is the fuel

that bridges the gap

between a desire and an outcome”

Motivation needs an outcome

Motivation needs a belief

Motivation is fueled by PROGRESS towards a goal.

When a person totally turns their live around, declutters and organises their home and office, the world becomes their oyster, they are empowered beyond belief and they are able, sometimes for the first time in their lives, to really live in the moment.

I had one client who was motivated to get her house sorted and was fueled by progress. Once the house was organised, she totally re-decorated it, then lost weight, then had a personal makeover, hair, clothes and makeup. She went from a fat and frumpy 40+ to a yummy mummy with a house to die for. Her whole life changed and yours can to. But motivation isn’t for the feint hearted, it requires action and endures setbacks. If you are really looking for motivation you will never find it. Look for the outcome you desire and reach for it! The energy required to go from start to finish is MOTIVATION!