Keep Calm I’ve Kept the Receipt

Gift giving is fraught with problems. Is it the right size? Will they like it? What if it’s faulty? Can they exchange it or claim on the warranty if necessary?

Follow these simple 8 steps to get organised for gift giving starting right now!

Step one: Purchase the gift – the fun part!

Step 1: Buy a gift

Step two: Add the purchase to your calendar so you remember what you bought. No more double ups!

Step 2: Add to calendar

Step three: Place the receipt into your receipts box so you don’t lose it!

Step 3: Put receipt in ‘receipts’ box

Step four: Scan the receipt so you have it for the duration of the warranty (in this case, 3 years). It is easy to email receipt to the gift recipient if they need it at any time.

Step 4: Scan receipt

Step five: Create a <Warranties> folder and a <Gifts> folder to hold all your receipts together in one place.

Gifts folder

Step 5: Place scanned receipt into ‘gifts’ folder

Step six: If you decide to keep the original receipt, place it into an envelope to keep all your ‘Gift’ receipts together. If you decide to give the receipt with the gift, staple it to the warranty book or to the greeting card.

Step 6: Place receipt in envelope

Step seven: Create a gift register to keep a record of gift purchases. You will never double up or be left short again! Download now for free.

Step 7: Record gift in ‘My Gifts Register”

Step eight: Wrap and give the gift at the appropriate time knowing everything’s organised!

Step 8: Wrap gift and feel totally organised

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To your success!