Are you sick of people not returning borrowed items?

Have you ever gone to the cupboard to get something, only to find it missing? After a few hours of searching, you remember that you lent it to a friend who hasn’t returned it yet! If you lend your items or if you borrow items, why not note it down so you remember to collect […] Read more »

Organise your jewellery

Jewellery organising can be problematic, with lots of different shapes, sizes and weights to consider, to say nothing about organising costume jewellery as opposed to precious jewellery. So here are a few ideas to get you creative juices flowing: This idea was posted on From Stuffed to Sorted Challenge Facebook page by Nichole. I think it’s very […] Read more »

Make label tape last longer!

  Hands up if you have a label maker! Do you ever find that the tape runs out very quickly when you create labels one at a time? And have you noticed how much wasted tape appears before and after your label? Well follow these 8 steps and maximise your tape usage! When creating labels […] Read more »

Creativity Corner

Children love doing crafts, painting and drawing, so why not put a creative centre together?  It’s easy to do and will keep them occupied for ages! Step 1 Gather together all the craft supplies, paints and tools they need into one place Step 2 Place items of similar type together into transparent containers Step 3 […] Read more »

Date Stamp – Shiny Mini Dater S 300 Product Road Test

The Shiny Mini dater S-300 is the date stamp I have been using since I started my organising career in 2002. Compact, easy to use and with replaceable pads this stamp will last you 12 years – and then the dates run out! At around $13-15 they are a must for every office. Highly recommend. […] Read more »

Squeeze the tube empty!

You paid a gazillion dollars for your anti-wrinkle cream and the tube is running out. Try as you might the last few precious drops are clearly visible but impossible to get out! Help is at hand with this handy 3 phase solution: CLUE your finger needs to easily reach the end of the tube! Now you […] Read more »

‘We’re out of toilet paper’!

Source: via Alexandra on Pinterest   Ever been in that unfortunate position? Running out of toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste or soap is so annoying especially if you need it now. Well, don’t ever get caught with your pants down or dripping wet, instead set up a system to manage your bathroom supplies. It’s […] Read more »