Emergency use only

Your ‘Items to File’ folder is the one folder in your filing system that is often abused, making it more likely to fill up quickly and put a stop to your Paper Flow. So why not use these two simple tricks to stop your filing from piling up and to keep it in check? TRICK ONE: […] Read more »

Date Stamp – Shiny Mini Dater S 300 Product Road Test

The Shiny Mini dater S-300 is the date stamp I have been using since I started my organising career in 2002. Compact, easy to use and with replaceable pads this stamp will last you 12 years – and then the dates run out! At around $13-15 they are a must for every office. Highly recommend. […] Read more »

Three Tax-a-daisy Tips

Tax time is rapidly approaching and now is a really good time to check that you get all you are entitled to. Check if you are eligible for up to $1000  in Govt co-contribution superannuation scheme. Take two minutes to check it out and could bring you an instant extra $1000 into your superannuation fund compliments of the government. […] Read more »