Ditch your duplicate files and photos

I searched on google and found software called Duplicate File Finder by Ashisoft. Now I am not in the habit of recommending free software or any software for that matter but I downloaded and used it and it’s terrific, in fact so terrific, I’m buying the upgraded version which lets me perform a few extra […] Read more »

Filing Cabinet OR Cemetery for Paper?

I have often joked about filing cabinets being like cemeteries for paper. By that I mean most of the paper in filing cabinets is dead and should just be buried! The problem isn’t filing cabinets themselves but how we, the people, use them. Because the contents are out of sight, they are also out of […] Read more »

Keep Calm I’ve Kept the Receipt

Gift giving is fraught with problems. Is it the right size? Will they like it? What if it’s faulty? Can they exchange it or claim on the warranty if necessary? Follow these simple 8 steps to get organised for gift giving starting right now! Step one: Purchase the gift – the fun part! Step two: […] Read more »

Emergency use only

Your ‘Items to File’ folder is the one folder in your filing system that is often abused, making it more likely to fill up quickly and put a stop to your Paper Flow. So why not use these two simple tricks to stop your filing from piling up and to keep it in check? TRICK ONE: […] Read more »