Christmas Pack-Up Made Easy

HINT: sing to the tune of Jingle Bells!

The tree is looking limp
The festivities are long past
So let’s pack it all away
But with systems that will last

With new procedures for next year
Your work will be a whole lot less
And the time that you spend now
Forever you will bless!

Oh Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells

Let’s tackle the Christmas Pack Up one area at a time:

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

          • Take a photo of tree so you can remember how it looked this year
          • Strip the tree of all its decorations and lights
          • Pack tree back into its box if you have an artificial tree
          • Discard real tree according to your local area’s disposal regulations


Like with Like

Like with Like

 Decorations and Lights

              • Group items together, like with like
              • Take photos so you rmember what you have
              • Place in boxes, containers or zip lock bags




Christmas Decoration Chest

Christmas Decoration Chest

Christmas Decoration Chest

              • Empty out your storage place, I use a chest which doubles as a coffee table (with a glass top added)
              • Clean out completely
              • Pack items into container, cupboard, drawers, boxes or whatever you are using
              • Label as necessary

8 steps to leaving your paperwork in a state your loved ones can understand in the event of a tragedy

As we come to terms with the awful tragedy of recent events, the realisation that we are here one day and gone the next really hits home. One thing we can do for our grieving families in the events of our being killed or incapacitated is to pave the way for them by leaving orderly paperwork. Where is your will? Could your loved ones find and decipher your documents? Would they be able to access your computer? How would they tackle things like your unpaid bills, money owing to you, your investments, business affairs and other things each of us has on the go at any given time.

I don’t like using recent tragedies to highlight the need to be more organised but it’s hard for me not to think about the additional stress families, loved ones and colleagues experience when trying to untangle the paperwork mess that can often be left behind for others to sort.


8 reasons to do a spring clean

Blue skies indicate that spring is around the corner

Blue skies indicate that spring is around the corner

Some of us need incentives to get into spring cleaning mood. So here are 8 reasons to get going!

Reason 1

You will feel so much better once the cobwebs are cleared, the dusting is done, the rooms are refreshed and your home looks fresh and welcoming.

Reason 2

You’ll look so much better wearing some of your new ‘finds’ in your wardrobe and after culling out all your ill-fitting clothing.

Reason 3

Think of the exercise you will get and the calories you will burn. Pop the music on and go, go, go!

Reason 4

You’ll feel as though you have moved into a new house. Switch the cushions around, rearrange your ornaments, update your photos in photo frames and add flowers to really give your home a whole new look.

Reason 5

You’ll feel like having people over and entertaining inside or al fresco! It’s great to reconnect with family and friends after the winter hibernation.

Reason 6

You may even make some money by selling some of your discarded items. Nothing like the smell of cash to get you moving. I bet you find a few coins in the bottom of the washing machine and down the sides of furniture too!

Reason 7

Your home deserves your Tender Loving Care. Your items will last longer if they are regularly laundered, refreshed and rotated.

Reason 8

You deserve to live in as beautiful home as is possible. Caring for your home is a gift to yourself. So don’t wait just for spring, why not do a seasonal refresh at the change of every season!

Have fun and post some before and after pics. xxx MaryAnne