Warranties and Manual Wrangle

It’s still under warranty, but can you find the receipt?
You bought your vacuum cleaner a while ago and it was working perfectly until today! Now it’s not working at all!
‘Phew, lucky it’s still under warranty!’ you think, just as you begin to wonder where the heck you put the receipt. You can remember the store, you know you bought it just after last year’s birthday. You know you used your birthday cash to pay for it.
The receipt is one of those little cash register ones that oh-so-easily gets lost. If you don’ t find the receipt the chances of getting a new vacuum cleaner are totally dashed!
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Paper Flow System to the rescue!
Follow these 8 steps every time you purchase something new and be sure your warranties are always honoured:
1. Open box and remove all contents
2. Use a date stamp to date every piece of paperwork including the receipt
3. Staple your receipt to the warranty card and fill in any details – scan these if you like
4. Place all your paperwork into a plastic pocket
5. Label the spine of your plastic pocket
6. Place plastic pocket into your Warranties and Manuals magazine box
7. Place your Warranties and Manuals magazine box with your Reference Files
8. Label all other components including cables

Click here to see it all in action on You Tube!
It’s easy when you know how! Let us know how you resolves your ‘where’s the receipt?’ dilemma!
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This article was written by MaryAnne Bennie BEd MBus is Australia’s organising guru, founder of in8 home office and life organising and creator of the Paper Flow® and in8®steps systems. She wrote Paper Flow your ultimate guide to making paperwork easy  and  From Stuffed to Sorted your essential guide to organising, room by room.
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What a difference a tag makes!

I am in love with see through containers, there I said it! Sorry to my husband, my kids and my grandchildren but I am also having a serious love affair with labels and tags. Labels can take many shapes and forms and here are my favourites:

  1. The tellfresh range and the tag label by Decor. I love the way you can write on these labels and click them into place. Some of the things you can record are: the name of what is in the container, the use-by date, the date you placed items into the container or any special notes like – contains nuts. The best part is that they are reusable, you write in pencil and erase when no longer required. If there are any special recipes or nutrient lists on the original packaging, I simply cut it off the packaging and either stick it to the bottom of the container or simply place it inside the container with the contents.
  2. I love label makers. Use them to label the tops of containers that stand up in drawers. My favourite drawer in my kitchen is my dry goods drawer where by flour, sugar and other like items reside. They are all lined up in lovely straight rows with their labels telling me the contents of each container.

MaryAnne Bennie is Australia’s organising guru, creator of the Paper Flow® and in8®steps systems, author of Paper Flow (with Brigitte Hinneberg) and From Stuffed to Sorted, professional organiser trainer and engaging speaker.
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Do you feel like a Dr Jeckel and Mr Hyde? Do you feel like you have a split personality? Your inner organised self has a perfect home with everything in its place. Your outer disorganised self just refuses to do your inner self’s bidding.

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