Be my Valentine? 5 steps to a Valentine ready Bedroom!

14 February is Valentine’s Day. So it’s time to turn your slumber zone into a romantic retreat for you and your Valentine (or just for you if you are currently solo). So follow these 5 steps to making your bedroom romance ready:


Add candles and a photo


Flowers add a romantic touch

Declutter your room


Step 1 Clean the room by removing everything off the floor, chairs, side tables and dressers. Dust surfaces and vacuum floors. Clean mirrors and light fittings. Remove items from under the bed and if you can leave it clear of stuff! If you must use the space for storage, be sure to use containers.Clutter is a passion killer.

Step 2 Totally refresh the bed – change the linen, fluff up pillows and cushions and air/loft the doona. There is nothing more romantic than fresh linen and a beautifully made bed.

Step 3 Set the tone with lighting. Dim the lights if you can or simply drape a scarf over a lamp which both diffuses the light and adds some colour to the room. Scented candles always add a touch of romance and fragrance and when massed together have a lovely effect.

Step 4 Music always sets a mood, so choose music you both enjoy and have it ready to play.

Step 5 Wine, champagne or water will quench your thirst, some grapes, chocolate or fruit will satisfy your hunger and flowers will add a special touch. Be sure to have photos of you and your Valentine on display to make the room complete.

With your room romantically ready your only job it to now invite your Valentine to join you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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