Organising by the Stars – Cancer

What’s your organising style according to the stars? Astrologer Julie Ann McBeth came up with this guide to your astrological organising style exclusively for in8. Cancer 21 June – 23 July Your home is your castle. You want your home to be nice and clean but your biggest problem may be hoarding. You are too sentimental […] Read more »

Winter Washing Woes

Wet days, cold nights! Winter is here for us in Australia. Does this mean that you have washing draped all over the house? Does it mean that your expensive and not very environmentally friendly dryer is running all the time? With a little organisation and forward thinking you can turn your winter washing woes into winter […] Read more »

Managing Morning Mayhem

“may·hem [mey-hem, mey-uhm] a state of rowdy disorder” Mornings pose a problem for most families. There’s always too little time to do too many things before getting out the door. The solution to the morning mayhem dilemma is definitely found in the very old and very wise idiom “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of […] Read more »

Ditch your duplicate files and photos

I searched on google and found software called Duplicate File Finder by Ashisoft. Now I am not in the habit of recommending free software or any software for that matter but I downloaded and used it and it’s terrific, in fact so terrific, I’m buying the upgraded version which lets me perform a few extra […] Read more »

Motivation isn’t for the feint hearted!

Motivation is that wonderful drive that takes you from thinking about it to completing it! It is an invisible, internal driving force which when really activated can make people move mountains and sometimes get totally obsessed by the action they undertake. I see it in my line of work every day. People motivated to declutter […] Read more »