Are you sick of people not returning borrowed items?

Keep a record of your borrowings and loans

Keep a record of your borrowings and loans

Have you ever gone to the cupboard to get something, only to find it missing? After a few hours of searching, you remember that you lent it to a friend who hasn’t returned it yet! If you lend your items or if you borrow items, why not note it down so you remember to collect or return borrowed items?

The Paper Flow system has a station to hold this type of information. It’s called ‘Claims to Make’ and it’s a Recurring Action File, see page 30 of the Paper Flow book.

To make this file work even better for you, why not download this great template, print it out and enter information whenever you lend or borrow things. Then once a week, glance over it and decide if you need to call the loan in or return borrowed items.

Never lose or accidently keep items again! Now that’s a neat Paper Flow tip, isn’t it?

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