About MaryAnne Bennie

MaryAnne Bennie Loves Organising

MaryAnne loves Organising

MaryAnne founded in8 Pty Ltd in 2002 after a successful career as a lecturer and program coordinator at RMIT University. During her time working with hundreds of students, MaryAnne discovered that being organised was a key success factor in students. She learned that it wasn’t necessarily the most intelligent, wealthy or attractive students that got ahead, it was the most organised ones. She saw this play out time and again and buoyed by curiosity got hooked on ‘all things organising’ after doing a bit of searching on the internet.

MaryAnne is a systems person, not rigid systems, but flexible and fluid systems that work with and support people to get more done in the least amount of time. Her systems provide people with a structure which saves them time, money, energy and ultimately their sanity!

MaryAnne now has two trademarked systems which are attracting international acclaim for their simplicity and elegance:

  1. The Paper Flow® system manages paperwork and information is explained in Paper Flow your ultimate guide to making paperwork easy (Published in 2011 by Wiley) and is now an international best seller and award winner. It’s the system of choice of thousands of people around the globe.
  2. the in8®steps system conquers mess, clutter, storage and organisation. From Stuffed to Sorted, your essential guide to organisation, room by room (Published in 2012 by Wiley) uses the in8®steps system and shows you how to organise every room of your home simply, effectively and completely.

MaryAnne holds a Bachelor of Education in Business Studies, a Master of Business in Marketing and has extensive experience in teaching, training, consulting and small business. She is an entertaining and engaging conference speaker.

Experience, Memberships and Community

MaryAnne’s 12 years as a lecturer and program coordinator at RMIT and Melb University prepared her well for her organising career. She has presented at international conferences and taught in Singapore and Hong Kong in addition to her lecturing in Australia. She delivered certified Brian Tracy training during her time at RMIT.

MaryAnne created the, now-famous, Paper Flow workshop which she presented in kikki.K stores around Australia for more than 7 years.

MaryAnne was an active Expert Member of the Australasian Association of Professional Organisers from 2001 – 2016. She served on the  AAPO Conference Sub-Committees and was Melbourne Forum leader for 12 months.

She is a library Ambassador and volunteer bringing books to housebound individuals unable to come into the library themselves.

MaryAnne recently joined the committee of U3A Banyule.


MaryAnne is a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, friend and neighbour! She is real and knows the struggle of the juggle of home, office and life. Her working life is dedicated to helping others make changes in their lives and to help them save time, money and  energy along the way. She loves life and her passion for organising is contagious. In her spare time she loves spending time with her family and friends and she enjoys travel and photography.