8 steps to leaving your paperwork in a state your loved ones can understand in the event of a tragedy

As we come to terms with the awful tragedy of recent events, the realisation that we are here one day and gone the next really hits home. One thing we can do for our grieving families in the events of our being killed or incapacitated is to pave the way for them by leaving orderly paperwork. Where is your will? Could your loved ones find and decipher your documents? Would they be able to access your computer? How would they tackle things like your unpaid bills, money owing to you, your investments, business affairs and other things each of us has on the go at any given time.

I don’t like using recent tragedies to highlight the need to be more organised but it’s hard for me not to think about the additional stress families, loved ones and colleagues experience when trying to untangle the paperwork mess that can often be left behind for others to sort.