8 Steps To a Gift Cupboard Of Your Dreams

Do you have a gift cupboard? Do you purchase items on sale for future gift giving? Do you find that when the time comes to give the gift you have forgotten about it and end up making a duplicate gift purchase? You are not alone! So here are a 8 things you can do right now to ensure your gift giving is smart, streamlined and straightforward and that your gifts in your gift card are given to the right person at the right time. These 8 things will definitely create the gift cupboard of your dreams.

IDEA ONE: List it!

Photo of a list of people along with a list of potential gifts you can give them

Create a list!

 First things first. You need to create a list of people you give gifts to. You may also record their clothing sizes and their favourite colours, brands and style. You can do this in your contact list in outlook or as a note in your address book on your phone. Also create a list of potential gift categories, for example engagement, wedding, new baby, get well or  new home. Often you have limited notice of some events so having a gift at hand may be helpful.

IDEA TWO: Lock the date in!

Photo of a perpetual calendar in which to enter birthdays and other events

Perpetual Events Calendar

Be sure you have birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions in your calendar and contact lists with a reminder a week before hand. A perpetual occasions book or list is also a good thing to have on hand alongside your household calendar.

IDEA THREE: Set it up!

Photo showing shelves holding gifts for future giving

Gift Cupboard or shelves

Create a designated gift storage location. It may be a cupboard, a shelf, a drawer or a box. Call it your ‘gift cupboard’ and then be sure you store everything there. If, by chance all your gifts don’t fit, by all means store those items elsewhere BUT always leave a note in your official Storage Cupboard indicating where other items are stored. NEVER RELY ON MEMORY!

IDEA FOUR: Snap it!

Screen shot of photo album for gifts

Create a GIFTS photo album

Why not create an photo album called GIFT CUPBOARD and take photos of the gifts you have purchased. Then when you are out and about and see something you like as a potential gift, you can refer to your digital GIFT CUPBOARD to see what you already have!  This one idea could save you heaps of money on duplicate gifts.

IDEA FIVE: Receipt it!

Scan Receipt

Scan Receipt

Be sure to take a photo or scan the receipt for items that may need to be exchanged or that have warranties attached to them. That way it’s easy to grab the receipt and exchange the item when the need arises.

IDEA SIX: Register it!

Step 7: Record gift in 'My Gifts Register"

Record gift in ‘My Gifts Register”

Create a note on your phone or a page on something like Evernote to register the gifts you have purchased. Include the name of the recipient and the storage location so it’s easy to find when you need it. You may register it on your calendar, your contact list or on a paper list of gift recipients, the choice is yours!

IDEA SEVEN: Wrap it!

Step 8: Wrap gift and feel totally organised

Wrap gift and feel totally organised

In addition to gifts, you will need a supply of gift bags or wrapping paper and appropriate cards. You can review your gift list to ensure you have appropriate supplies on hand.
In addition to gifts, you will need a supply of gift bags or wrapping paper and appropriate cards. You can review your gift list to ensure you have appropriate supplies on hand.

IDEA EIGHT: Keep it up!

To your success!

To your success!

Update your records regularly, you can even have a gift tracker so you know all the gifts you give people over the years. An Excel spreadsheet works well for that.

Wow, there’s my list of the 8 things you should do for Gift Cupboard Success.  For more ideas on organising your home, your office and your life join us on facebook or visit our website.

xxxxx MaryAnne