MaryAnne Bennie Director in8 home office and life organisingHi! I’m MaryAnne Bennie founder of (2002) and creator of the in8steps® and Paper Flow® Systems which have revolutionised the way people think about becoming and being more organised. Welcome to this website where you will find loads of information and resources to assist in your personal quest for a cleaner, calmer and clutter-free home, office and life. The in8steps and Paper Flow Systems were designed with you in mind and adapt to every situation whether you’re a single household, a family, a small business, an employee or a CEO. in8 can help you in THREE ways:

From Stuffed to Sorted1. in8steps System!

The  in8steps system works in every area of your HOME.

Learn how to:

  • organise your whole house in a series of eight-minute blitzes
  • bust your excuses and find the motivation to start
  • develop techniques to set yourself up for success
  • focus on one area of your house at a time, from kick-starting your kitchen to boosting your bedroom
  • make the finishing touches to create the home you have always wanted

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Paper Flow2. The Paper Flow System!

The Paper Flow system works on every area of your PAPERWORK.

Learn how to:

  • deal with any piece of paper within seconds
  • get rid of your stagnant piles
  • conquer routine tasks
  • manage your projects
  • handle those pesky receipts and a whole lot more

Paper Flow your ultimate guide to making paperwork easy is a winner in the 2012 Small Business Book Awards.
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MaryAnne Bennie is Australia's organising guru3. The Expert Herself!

MaryAnne Bennie is an expert organiser, engaging speaker, workshop creator and presenter and workplace trainer. She also trains new and experienced professional organisers which certifies them in the in8steps and Paper Flow systems.

Book MaryAnne for:

  • your next professional development day
  • your upcoming local business or social group event
  • your next seminar or conference
  • book signings and talks
  • a private workshop (for groups of 10 or more)
  • or join our public workshop or events

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Listen to MaryAnne being interviewed by David Dowsett on ABC Radio Bundaberg on 6 November 2011